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Our Vision is to be the regional leader in the service industry by defining excellence and building unmatched customer loyalty while offering complete solutions to client’s needs and are of paramount significance..

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Attendance Management System

Our Attendance management system allows parents or guardians to follow up with students school attendance by receiving notifications when ever a teacher / administrative staff of a school finishes collecting the daily attendance checks.

Grading System

Our Grading system enables teachers to communicate the achievements of students to parents and others, provide incentives to learn, and provide information that students can use for self-evaluation.

Course Management System

Are used for for creating, delivering, tracking, and reporting educational courses and outcomes..

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Students’ happiness with their higher education experience is a big determiner of an institution’s success. In every industry, the customer experience is a significant indicator of whether a business will succeed.

  • Improve the Student Campus Experience.
  • Implement a More Socially Distanced Campus.
  • Enable the Collection of High-Quality Data.
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ETB0.00 Birr

Subscription fee is free and has three days trial period.

  • Three days Free trial period
  • Can unsubscribe after trial period
  • Support

Service Fee

ETB2.00 Birr / Daily

Subscribers will be charged after three days of free trial.

  • Unlimited content access
  • Will get full support

Unsubscription Fee

ETB0.00 Birr

When ever user wants to stop using our service, they can immidiately unsubscribe..

  • Sending Stop to XXXX
  • User Access to the service will be blocked
  • User can subscribe again any time

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